Login to your Heyday Athletic Player Page, your team assignment will be visible on your there!

Individual Players, this information may not be available until a few days prior to the league beginning.  You will receive an email from our staff when the rosters are final and ready to go!

Unless a league sells out, Heyday Athletic typically will not post the full season schedule to allow for more players to register.  This also allows Heyday Athletic to tweak the game schedule if more teams/individuals register. Once the first week of games is played, the remaining full season schedule will be posted.

For teams, a deposit must be made by the captain to reserve their teams spot. This deposit is valid up until the predetermined payment deadline. Once a deposit is made, captains can then "request" the additional funds from their teammates. After the deadline, captains cards will be charged for the remainder of the balance. All individual registrants must pay their fee in full. There are many instances where leagues will sell out before the registration deadline so please sign up early! Please reference our "How to sign up" page for more information on the deposit process!

Yes! You will still be required to pay for that league's respective minimum team fee, but as long as you can field a legal roster, you're under no obligation to roster the minimum number of players.  However, everyone that's planning on participating must still be rostered or they will be unable to play.

All of Heyday Athletic schedules and player assignments are done manually. Heyday Athletic will typically release schedules and team assignments once we're within a week of the league start date. 

Absolutely! During the registration process you'll be asked if there's anyone else with whom you would like to be placed. As long as everyone registers in a timely manner and before the league sells out, we'll always do our best to honor your request(s). 

Great question! You can email [email protected] and one of our staff will be happy to change your team name. Please keep team name request appropriate. 

Please reference the link below for league blackout dates.


Please reference the link below for all refund policy information


Teams can add more players as long as they pay for them.  Additional team players can either be billed if a captain logs into their Heyday account, or to the captain's credit card directly.  If players want to pay directly they can register as individuals.  HOWEVER, if a league is sold out, teams cannot additional free agents


Yes! However, no metal cleats are permitted.


Please click on the league rules below for all equipment details.

League Rules


You can pay with cash or Venmo; the referee/umpire will provide you their username to complete the transaction. 

Heyday Athletic always does our best to ensure that our leagues have a Sponsor Bar! You can find more information by clicking on the sponsor bar page here: Bar Sponsors

Practices are not scheduled by Heyday Athletic. You are more than welcome to organize a practice with your team.

Please click here to find more information regarding the forfeit policy.

Send an email to [email protected] with your team name and both scores, so we can confirm and update the standings.


You can click on the link below to find the rules to all Heyday Athletic sports.

League Rules

Recreational, (Rec) - The recreational level is geared towards participants that are just looking to have fun. This is the most basic level that the Heyday Athletic offers, you can think of it as the "beginners" level. Participants that play at this level are out to enjoy themselves and not out for the sheer competition of the sport. Most players have not played on an organized team before or have only played for a couple of seasons. This is a great level for beginning teams to start and a great way to begin your team's dynasty.

Intermediate, (Int) - The intermediate level is geared towards participants who are still relatively new to the sport but are seeking a little bit more competition. You can think of it as the "middle of the road" level. Participants that play at this level have a good knowledge of the rules and the game and are ready to become more competitive but are still not all that serious. Most participants at this level have played for a few seasons. This is a great level for those teams that have had success at the recreational level and are now ready to step their game up!

Upper Intermediate, (Up Int) - The Upper Intermediate level is geared towards theparticipant that has been involved in the sport for a while and are definitely ready to become more competitive. You can think of this level as the "above average" level. Participants at this level can expect a high quality of competition. Most participants at this level have played the sport for quite some time and have a strong base in the fundamentals of the sport. This is a great level for teams to begin bridging the gap between regular player and professional stud!

Competitive, (Comp) - The Competitive level is geared towards the participant that has played their respective sport for a large portion of their life and enjoys the sheer competition of the sport. You can think of this level as the "professional's" level. Participants at this level should definitely have their game face on and expect a tough game. This is great level for those of you who are in it to win it!


Your league shirt will be available at the facility for your first game. Anyone NOT registered and rostered will NOT receive a league shirt.

Check with your team captain first to see if he or she has your shirt. If not please email [email protected].

Your league shirt will be available at your next scheduled game. Ask the monitor or official to check Heyday Athletic storage for your shirt. Also reference the policies link below regarding any other shirt questions.


Great question! Please email [email protected] if you need to order more than one team shirt. If you only need one additional shirt please click here.

Also reference the policies link below regarding any other shirt questions.



Great question! Login into your Heyday Athletic account and then click on edit profile. You will be able to make the size change there. Save and your good to go!

Great question! Here is a link to help find the answer: https://heydayathletic.com/shirt-options


All games and matches are always ON unless you hear from Heyday Athletic specifically stating otherwise(via email, text, or phone). Unfortunately, since the weather and forecasts change quickly, there's no prescribed decision time as to when leagues will be cancelled. 


In the event of a cancellation (weather, facility issue, etc.), Heyday Athletic will reschedule those respective games to the first available night on the season. Please allow for up to two business days for Heyday Athletic to process and reschedule any cancelled league game or match.

*Heyday Athletic reverse the right to remove games from the season at anytime.




Heyday Athletic will not share your information