General How To Sign Up

1 -  Find the league of your choosing here!

  • You can sort the listings by sport, region, day, and location using the dropdown menus up top!
  • Once you’ve found your preferred league, select “sign up” on the right hand side to access the League Details Page

2 - Once in the League Details, select “Team” to sign up a full team or “Individual” to just sign up yourself.

  • If you already have an account, sign in!
  • Otherwise, select “Create an account”
  • Individuals - Playing with friends but not starting your own team? Make sure you complete the “Play with Friends” section and send the group link to everyone. Then have those players use that link to sign up to ensure you are all linked together in the same group. 

3 - From this page, you enter your general information and, for team captains, enter general team information. Once complete, digitally sign our waivers and continue to the payment page. 

4 - Please be sure to review our payment policy on this page. If you have a coupon or gift card please enter that information before entering your card information. Once entered, continue to the next page to review your information!

5 - Congratulations! You’re now registered for your league.

  • Individuals - You have now been added into our “Indy Pool” and will soon be placed on a team! Check back to your account soon to see your squad and send them a message!
  • Captains - Your team is created but we need to add your teammates! See below on how to invite them to join! 


Inviting players & Joining Teams (Captains only)

5 - Congratulations! You’re now registered for your league. Now let's get your teammates in!

  • Select “Invite players” on the right hand side, this will take you to your “Manage team page”
  • Send the “fun link” to anyone you want to join

6 - If they already have an account, they can just sign in! Otherwise, they must submit their info and select “create an account”

7 - Once your account is created, let's help your captain get that team fee paid. 

8 - CAPTAINS ONLY: From your “Player Page”, select “Manage Team”. This will take you to the page with all rostered players. To request funds from your teammates, select “Request $” and type in how much you want to collect from each player. This will automatically email/notify that player of the request. (Remember, captains cards will be charged at your league's payment deadline for all outstanding payments, and may also be charged for any open invoices the morning of game day each week)

9 - Players will now be able follow the link in the notification, or visit their “Player Page” to pay their portion of the league