UPDATED 4/6/20


Hello Heyday Friends,

We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy during this time of global crisis. Many of you have reached out to show your support for our business and for that we are extremely grateful. We have also received numerous inquiries about the status of our leagues & events, especially regarding refund requests. We would like to share some perspective after halting operations nearly a month ago.

We know all of you are suffering in one way or another, as are we. Heyday Athletic is a small business which operates to support hundreds of officials & part-time staff, 13 full-time employees, and four owners. With revenue abruptly dropping to zero, we were forced to freeze all financial accounts, postpone all debt payments, and lay off all employees so they could collect unemployment compensation. The owners are also not being paid and are working on securing financial support via Small Business Administration Loans as well so we can avoid bankruptcy and save the livelihood of hundreds of people.

Many of you have registered for a Spring league and have understandably requested a refund. It’s important to recognize registration revenue is used for expenses for the upcoming season, most of which is required in advance. This includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in facility rentals, equipment, league shirts, champions prizes, first aid, et al. In addition to these seasonal expenses are general operating costs such as staff salaries, insurance, office rent, utilities, vehicles, field grooming equipment, software, credit card fees, taxes, etc. Without committing to all of these purchases, we would not have been able to organize any of the Spring leagues that already began or were days/weeks away from starting.

This is why our refund policy as stated online has always been “no refund without replacement” and why registration is declared non-refundable in the waiver agreed upon during registration. It’s what the nature of operating our business requires. Being fully aware of the impact this crisis is having on us all, we truly wish we could give everyone a refund to help with everyday expenses. We simply cannot. If we did so, we would be out of business. Unlike major corporations, we do not have the reserves to cover an unexpected shutdown of this magnitude.

Given the extreme situation, we’re offering everyone full credit that will never expire to use when we re-open our business. The value you purchased will still be there. If changed circumstances prevent a registrant from participating at all, a refund with replacement can be pursued once registration resumes.

We hope by sharing some of these details, you, our valued friends & players, can better understand our position. We very much look forward to the day we return to providing great leagues & events for all of you, and jobs for our employees, which we all miss so much.

In the meantime, we invite you to hangout with us while we play online games to take our minds off the craziness. We’re offering, at cost (we don’t make any money and are using prize money to help support other small businesses like local restaurants) Music Bingo, Virtual Trivia and Scavenger Hunt Happy Hours. We also have lots of e-game tournaments like Madden, FIFA, NBA2K, Rocket League, Mario Kart and much more in the works! We’re doing all we can to stay engaged with you and continue to prepare for re-starting our business.

Thank you again for your friendship, ongoing support, and understanding during this unprecedented time. We will get through this together and cannot wait to play again!



Jason Cooper, Dan Feeney, Tim Horan, Ryan Ward
Partners, Heyday Athletic

UPDATED 3/12/20


Hello Friends,

As we go through these difficult times, we first want to express our sincere wishes that you and yours are in the best of health, and remain so.

To stay compliant with the newest CDC and Local mandates, all Heyday Athletic games and events are postponed until further notice. We will resume business as soon as it is safe and hopefully our temporary postponement along with most other businesses will have successfully reduced the spread of the virus to a manageable level.

  • Winter Leagues: At this time all winter leagues are canceled. Any leagues that did not complete their regular season games will receive a pro-rated credit in their League Apps account towards a future registration.

  • Spring Leagues and Events: Our intention is to resume all spring programs as soon as it is safe. If you are unable to participate at that time, you will receive a pro-rated credit in their League Apps account towards a future registration.

We ask for your patience, understanding and support while we get through this as a community. We are a small business directly affected by this current situation and we are doing our best to make it through this difficult time. We promise you will be the first to know when we have an update. In the meantime, our offices will be closed until further notice with limited to no administrative capacity.

We very much look forward to seeing everyone out there playing again!

Please stay safe and well,
Team Heyday